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Johnstone Strait
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Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait Sailing Vacation British Columbia

Many coastal communities play host to travellers sailing in Johnstone Strait during a vacation in British Columbia.
The coastal waters of British Columbia are an outstanding sailing destination. Such a diverse number of attractions such as the magnificent scenery of the coastline indented by many coves and bays ...
Vancouver Island Community Of Telegraph Cove Aerial

The boardwalk community of Telegraph Cove has a protected marina, and is a mecca for the tourism industry during the summer months on Vancouver Island.
Like a haven set in the wilderness, Telegraph Cove is nestled into a tiny inlet on the eastern coast of Northern Vancouver Island. As well as being a quaint boardwalk community, Telegraph Cove ...
Johnstone Strait Sunset Picture Northern Vancouver Island

Layers of mountains and hills are silhouetted by the sunset on the waters of Johnstone Strait off Northern Vancouver Island.
A body of water with many faces, Johnstone Strait can present itself as stormy and unforgiving or serene and gentle. On the fine clear days when the night comes, it is heralded by a brilliant suns ...
Johnstone Strait Sailing Northern Vancouver Island

Sandwiched between the Mainland and Northern Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlotte and Johnstone and Straits are scenic sailing destinations in BC, Canada.
As far as sailing vacations go, the Inside Passage is one of the most stunning and scenic locations in BC. Johnstone Strait is a narrow passage of water between Campbell River and Telegraph Cove w ...
Pacific White Sided Dolphins

A small group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins perform arcobatics as the sun sets over Johnstone Strait.
Pacific White Sided Dolphins at sunset in Johhnstone Strait, Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada.
Stubbs Island Sunset

Varying shades of an autumn sunset silhouette Stubbs Island in Weynton Passage off Northern Vancouver Island.
A fine day comes to a dramatic end as the soft hues of sunset reflect in the clouds and creates a silhouette of Stubbs Island.Although the currents of Weynton Passage require a great deal of respe ...
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