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The largest island situated on the western side of the America's is Vancouver Island in Canada which covers an area of 32,134 square kilometres. Vancouver Island is separated from the British Columbia mainland from south to north by the Strait of Georgia, Discovery Passage, Johnstone Strait, and the Queen Charlotte Strait.

The city of Victoria which is situated at the south eastern end of the island is the Provincial capital of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Island encompasses many smaller communities with varying cultures and traditions, it also possesses a diverse and rugged beauty in the form of mountains, lakes, rivers, and coastline.

From the bustling city of Victoria to the rugged wilderness communities of the north, Vancouver Island is a paradise for anyone seeking a variety of experiences from soft or extreme adventure, wildlife, or just solitude and inspiration.

Now there is a new way to explore the northern part of Vancouver Island: Join professional nature, travel and wildlife photographer Rolf Hicker on one of his private wildlife tours, bears, whales and sea otters on Northern Vancouver Island and photograph grizzly bears, killer whales, humpback whales, other wildlife as well as the most beautiful scenic places. Find some of his stunning wildlife photography here: Wildlife Photography by Rolf Hicker.


Orca Whale Watching By Kayak Northern Vancouver Island BC Canada

Orca whale watching off Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada by kayak.
A tourist attraction which continues to grow in popularity is orca whale watching, from the south to the north of Vancouver Island. One of the best places in Canada to see orca whales is from N ...
BC Ferries Tri Island Ferry Service Northern Vancouver Island

The Tri-island ferry service by BC Ferries provides transportation of passengers and vehicles between the communities of Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island, Sointula, and Alert Bay.
An iconic image of the Broughton Strait, the BC Ferries Quadra Queen II plies the waters between the coastal communities of Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, Sointula on Malcolm Island, a ...
Following The Curve Of Time By Cathy Converse

Cruise the magnificent BC Coastline in the wake of a legendary female figure - M. Wylie Blanchet. Following the Curve of Time is a book written by Cathy Converse.
Muriel Wylie Blanchet‚ better known as "Capi"‚ was a woman ahead of her time and writer of the Canadian classic The Curve of Time. This account of a young widow and her children who cruised t ...
Wildlife Of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Pristine Vancouver Island is a premier destination for wildlife viewing and whale watching in British Columbia, Canada.
Wildlife Of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Text by Jocie Ingram, Pictures by Rolf Hicker

A hot spot for biodiversity, Vancouver Island has many ocean and land mammals, birds, plants, fish, insects, and amphibians. This wildlife is supported by a wealth of ecosystems, from the rugged mountains that form the backbone of the Island, to the Pacific Ocean.

Marine Mammals

The waters surrounding Vancouver Island are a prime feeding ground for whales and dolphins, some of which migrate to tropical waters to bre ...
Mountain Lion Cougar Behaviour

Exhibiting similar behaviour as a domestic cat, a mountain lion will lay in wait and pounce on its prey.
They are known by many names such as puma, and panther, but the most common names are cougar and mountain lion. Although more closely related to the smaller felines and exhibiting similar behav ...
Town Of Port McNeill Northern Vancouver Island

A prime destination set in the heart of the wilderness, Port McNeill is a small town and hub for Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
A rustic town set in the wilderness of Northern Vancouver Island and fringed by the Pacific waters of the Broughton Strait along the Inside Passage, Port McNeill is a hub for the area. As well as ...
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