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Some of our aerial photos photographed around Vancouver Island. (There are 9 pictures in photo gallery Aerial Pictures)

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Aerial Pictures

Town Of Port McNeill Northern Vancouver Island

A prime destination set in the heart of the wilderness, Port McNeill is a small town and hub for Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
A rustic town set in the wilderness of Northern Vancouver Island and fringed by the Pacific waters of the Broughton Strait along the Inside Passage, Port McNeill is a hub for the area. As well as ...
BC Logging Industry Vancouver Island

A common sight on the BC coastal waterways are the products of the mainstay industry on Vancouver Island - logging.
From the air, these logs look more like toothpicks, however they are the remains of large mature trees, felled for the extensive logging industry in BC, a prominent industry on Vancouver Island. ...
Logging Industry Vancouver Island British Columbia

Rafts and trucks are a common sight on the roads and waterways of Vancouver Island in British Columbia as the logging industry continues to leave its mark on the landscape.
In quick time, areas of forest on Vancouver Island are cleared - then from remote locations the logs are dropped into the sea to be rafted up and transported to a processing plant. Logging has ...
Alert Bay Aerial Flightseeing Cormorant Island

Wedged between Northern Vancouver and Malcolm Islands, the town of Alert Bay is situated on Cormorant Island.
Located on a fork in the road (so to speak) - Cormorant Island is at the junction of Broughton Strait, and Johnstone Strait and near Queen Charlotte Strait. The major village on the island is Aler ...
Mount Cain Northern Vancouver Island

A unique skiing experience is at Mount Cain during the winter months on Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
An uncrowded snow skiing destination which is open only on the weekends, Mount Cain is situated in the Schoen Lake region of Northern Vancouver Island. It's a relatively short season on Mount C ...
Flightseeing Vancouver Island

A great flightseeing experience is in a Beaver - Bush Plane to see what Vancouver Island has to offer.
Flightseeing in a DeHavilland Beaver Float plane over the wilderness of Vancouver Island.
BC Ferries Vancouver Island

The BC Ferries Tri Island ferry runs between the communities of Port McNeill, Alert Bay and Sointula.
BC Ferries passenger and car ferry, Tri Island ferry, runs between Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, and Sointula on Malcolm Island.
Port McNeill Vancouver Island

The wilderness community of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island, is dubbed the gateway to the Broughton Archipelago and has a range of amenities available to suit the needs of travelers.
The Port McNeill marina features 3000 feet of moorage for visitors (7000 feet overall) and is open year round. The marina offers a range of services for both pleasure and commercial boats includin ...
Port Hardy Vancouver Island

The town of Port Hardy is situated on Vancouver Island at the northern end of Island Highway 19.
Port Hardy Bay and marina on Northern Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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