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Vancouver Island is situated on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia. This website is dedicated to destinations within Vancouver Island. If you require information about other provinces and destinations of Canada, check out another great website which includes pictures and information about the whole of Canada.


BC Ferries Tri Island Ferry Service Northern Vancouver Island

The Tri-island ferry service by BC Ferries provides transportation of passengers and vehicles between the communities of Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island, Sointula, and Alert Bay.
An iconic image of the Broughton Strait, the BC Ferries Quadra Queen II plies the waters between the coastal communities of Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, Sointula on Malcolm Island, a ...
Following The Curve Of Time By Cathy Converse

Cruise the magnificent BC Coastline in the wake of a legendary female figure - M. Wylie Blanchet. Following the Curve of Time is a book written by Cathy Converse.
Muriel Wylie Blanchet‚ better known as "Capi"‚ was a woman ahead of her time and writer of the Canadian classic The Curve of Time. This account of a young widow and her children who cruised t ...
Wildlife Of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Pristine Vancouver Island is a premier destination for wildlife viewing and whale watching in British Columbia, Canada.
Wildlife Of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Text by Jocie Ingram, Pictures by Rolf Hicker

A hot spot for biodiversity, Vancouver Island has many ocean and land mammals, birds, plants, fish, insects, and amphibians. This wildlife is supported by a wealth of ecosystems, from the rugged mountains that form the backbone of the Island, to the Pacific Ocean.

Marine Mammals

The waters surrounding Vancouver Island are a prime feeding ground for whales and dolphins, some of which migrate to tropical waters to bre ...
Mountain Lion Cougar Behaviour

Exhibiting similar behaviour as a domestic cat, a mountain lion will lay in wait and pounce on its prey.
They are known by many names such as puma, and panther, but the most common names are cougar and mountain lion. Although more closely related to the smaller felines and exhibiting similar behav ...
Town Of Port McNeill Northern Vancouver Island

A prime destination set in the heart of the wilderness, Port McNeill is a small town and hub for Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
A rustic town set in the wilderness of Northern Vancouver Island and fringed by the Pacific waters of the Broughton Strait along the Inside Passage, Port McNeill is a hub for the area. As well as ...
Orca Whales Spyhopping Johnstone Strait BC

Two cute northern resident orca whales poke their heads out of the water in Johnstone Strait, BC - a typical trait called spyhopping.
There eyesight is said to be as good above the water as it is under water. Orca Whales will sometimes engage in a spate of spyhopping activities for play or just to check out the surroundings. ...
Beautiful British Columbia Coastal Scenery Canada

From the shores of Vancouver Island the views of the beautiful mountain and coastal scenery of the British Columbia mainland in Canada are outstanding.
Surreal scenery awaits the visitors to coastal British Columbia in Canada. Beautiful mountain vistas, forest clothing lower elevations to sea level, and pristine waters which sparkles in the sunli ...
Boating Vacation In British Columbia Canada

A self guided boating vacation along the Inside Passage is a leisurely way to enjoy the scenery and wildlife British Columbia in Canada has to offer.
Many visitors from around the globe cruise the pristine waters of British Columbia's Inside Passage on a boating vacation either from Vancouver, Victoria or from the USA. The main attractions of t ...
Grizzly Bears Of Knight Inlet British Columbia

A tour to Knight Inlets is the ultimate experience in watching grizzly bears on the coast of British Columbia, Canada.
A few of the best ways to experience the grizzly bears of Knight Inlet is by booking a multi night stay at the fly-in lodge in Glendale Cove, and embarking on tours from there by boat or to a view ...
Whale Watching By Sail Boat Vancouver Island

There's nothing quite like the peace of cruising the waters off Vancouver Island by sail boat and hearing the sound of a whale blow and watching it majestically cruise the waters.
A lone male killer whale provides the occupants of a sail boat with the perfect whale watching opportunity off the coast of Vancovuer Island. Sail boat whale watching off Vancouver Island in Qu ...
Victoria British Columbia Vacation Destination

The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is a destination which offers visitors an array of leisure opportunities whether on vacation or business.
Situated on the southern end of Vancouver Island, Victoria boasts a temperate climate, with an annual average of 2223 sunshine hours. The capital city of Victoria which is also dubbed the City ...
Inside Passage Sailing British Columbia Canada

A beautiful sailing destination, the British Columbia, Canada portion of the Inside Passage can sometimes be shrouded in fog during late summer and fall.
Appearing from beneath a veil of fog and heading into Broughton Strait from the Queen Charlotte Strait, Pultenay Point is a welcome sight. The Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada is a popul ...
Johnstone Strait Sailing Vacation British Columbia

Many coastal communities play host to travellers sailing in Johnstone Strait during a vacation in British Columbia.
The coastal waters of British Columbia are an outstanding sailing destination. Such a diverse number of attractions such as the magnificent scenery of the coastline indented by many coves and bays ...
Northern Vancouver Island Artist Community

Each year the artist community on Northern Vancouver Island display their works of art at the annual Arts and Crafts Fair in Telegraph Cove.
Telegraph Cove is a magical setting for the annual Arts and Craft Fair which attracts many artists and craftspeople from the communities in Northern Vancouver Island area. The Northern Vancouve ...
Information Cougar Mountain Lion Felis Concolor

A beautiful, graceful cat found mostly in western north America, the Cougar (aka mountain lion and puma) is a solitary animal few people will ever see.
Two outstanding attributes of the cougar is their remarkable agility and ability to ran extremely fast. As territorial animals, a cougars domain can be anything from 25 sq miles (65 sq km) to 1 ...
Picture Of A Mystic Orca Whale

A mystic animal, an orca whale lives in a matriarchal family group which exhibits their own unique dialect and social behaviors.
A magnificent and mystic animal, the Orca whale, which is also known as a killer whale is a frequent visitor to the waters off the coast of Vancouver Island. Orca Whale (aka Killer Whale) off N ...
Vancouver Island Vacation Nimpkish Lake

A vacation destination for locals and tourists, Nimpkish Lake is situated on Vancouver Island surrounded by the rugged beauty of the wildness of the North.
During the summer vacation months, the shores of Nimpkish Lake are abuzz with the sounds of holiday makers who are drawn to the beauty and serenity of Northern Vancouver Island. Camping, Nimpki ...
Commerical Fishing Vancouver Island

The use of seiners for commercial salmon fishing off Vancouver Island is less a common practice than gillnetting.
One method of commercial salmon fishing is the use of Seiners, a large net laid out vertically from the back of the boat with buoys at the top and weights at the bottom. Essentially, the fish are ...
Whale Watching Tour From Telegraph Cove

Orca whale watching tour off Vancouver Island from the tiny community of Telegraph Cove in British Columbia.
One of the mainstay industries in Northern Vancouver Island, besides logging, is the tourism industry and in particular whale watching and nature tours. A tour can be taken from Telegraph Cove, Po ...
Orca Whale Breach Vancouver Island

The power and beauty of an orca whale is seen as it breaks the water in a breach off Vancouver Island.
The Northern Resident Orca whales, spend most of the summer off the coast of Northern Vancouver Island. Among some of the usual social behaviour exhibited by these whales is breaching, spyhopping, ...
BC Logging Industry Vancouver Island

A common sight on the BC coastal waterways are the products of the mainstay industry on Vancouver Island - logging.
From the air, these logs look more like toothpicks, however they are the remains of large mature trees, felled for the extensive logging industry in BC, a prominent industry on Vancouver Island. ...
Raft Cove Provincial Park Coast BC Canada

The ocean pummeled coast at Raft Cove Provincial Park on the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island, BC.
Raft Cove, Raft Cove Provincial Park, West Coast, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Travel Destination Port McNeill

A popular travel destination for kayaking and wildlife watching, Port McNeill is the second largest town on Northern Vancouver Island.
The accommodations and amenities in the town of Port McNeill make it a great starting out point for a kayaking adventure or sailing excursion. This travel destination has an array of accommodations from Bed and Breakf ...
Travel Destination Telegraph Cove Vancouver Island

A popular travel destination on the northern end of Vancouver Island is the boardwalk community of Telegraph Cove.
For an array of recreational activities in a remote and unique location, Telegraph Cove situated on Northern Vancouver Island is the ideal travel destination. Everything can be found there from ...
Vancouver Island Whale Watching Tour

An unique historic tour boat keeps its distance from a small pod of killer whales off the coast of Northern Vancouver Island while passengers onboard get a good look from the deck.
Even on a foggy morning a watching tour departs from Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island with a cargo of eager passengers. Whale watching tour boat from Telegraph Cove, Northern Vancouv ...
Ursus Americanus Black Bear Picture

Standing out against the lush green of fresh shrubs, an adult black bear, Ursus americanus, grazes on fresh spring grass.
Known as the American Black Bear or simply black bear, Ursus americanus is the scientific name for this species of bear no matter what the common name is. They are the most common bear species ...
Northern Resident Killer Whales Vancouver Island

A social species of dolphin, the northern resident killer whales often interact with boats in some way during a whale watching tour off Vancouver Island.
There are two main groups of orcas seen in the waters off Vancouver Island, namely the Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales. Another species are the transient killer whales who are not ...
Northern Vancouver Island Killer Whale Watching

The graceful Killer Whale, also known as Orca, is the largest member of the Dolphin family.
The graceful Killer Whale is also known as Orca is the largest member of the Dolphin family. On the Northern end of the Vancouver Island is found the Northern Resident Killer Whales who spend the ...
Killer Whale Watching In British Columbia Canada

One of the best places in Canada for killer whale watching is on Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
Since the first tour company began taking tourists out to see the Killer Whales of Johnstone Strait, the industry has boomed throughout Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The grand old tour ...
Scenic Nimpkish Lake Northern Vancouver Island

The beautiful scenic Nimpkish Lake on Northern Vancouver Island is popular with locals and visitors for recreational activities.
Guarded by towering mountains and fringed by lush forest, Nimpkish Lake is situated in a scenic location on the Northern end of Vancouver Island. At 22 kilometres long and with steep sided moun ...
Vancouver Island Community Of Telegraph Cove Aerial

The boardwalk community of Telegraph Cove has a protected marina, and is a mecca for the tourism industry during the summer months on Vancouver Island.
Like a haven set in the wilderness, Telegraph Cove is nestled into a tiny inlet on the eastern coast of Northern Vancouver Island. As well as being a quaint boardwalk community, Telegraph Cove ...
Telegraph Cove Johnstone Strait Picture British Columbia

Situated at the northern terminus of Johnstone Strait, Telegraph Cove is a quaint boardwalk community in Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
During the summer months, the tiny boardwalk community of Telegraph Cove becomes a hive of activity. Boaters arrive after cruising Johnstone Strait while boating tours departing from Telegraph Cov ...
First Nations Totem Pole Alert Bay British Columbia

Among the many activities available in the First Nations village of Alert Bay, a visit to the Totem Pole park along the waterfront of the town on Cormorant Island, British Columbia is a must.
In a form of expression, the First Nations people create art pieces such as head-dresses, blankets, and woodwork such as totem poles, rattles, and masks - just to name a few. Many of the First ...
Alert Bay Aerial Flightseeing Cormorant Island

Wedged between Northern Vancouver and Malcolm Islands, the town of Alert Bay is situated on Cormorant Island.
Located on a fork in the road (so to speak) - Cormorant Island is at the junction of Broughton Strait, and Johnstone Strait and near Queen Charlotte Strait. The major village on the island is Aler ...
Rainbow Over Sointula Malcolm Island

A promise after heavy rain - a rainbow forms as a shield in front of the town of Sointula on Malcolm Island, off Northern Vancouver Island.
As well as playing host to a parade of cruise ships plying the waters of the Inside Passage during the summer months, the Broughton Strait can brew up some interesting storm watching. Sointula is ...
Port McNeill From Ledge Point BC

Situated on the north east shores of Vancouver Island, the town of Port McNeill is dubbed the Gateway to the Broughton Archipelago.
The town of Port McNeill has many every day conveniences and attractions available to visitors including a pharmacy, grocery stores, gift stores, native art gallery, hotels, bed and breakfasts, re ...
Mount Cain Northern Vancouver Island

A unique skiing experience is at Mount Cain during the winter months on Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
An uncrowded snow skiing destination which is open only on the weekends, Mount Cain is situated in the Schoen Lake region of Northern Vancouver Island. It's a relatively short season on Mount C ...
Orca Whale With British Columbia Coast Landscape

A serene evening and sunset with a pod of orca whales backdropped by the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada.
The dramatic coast of British Columbia with its forested landscape and looming mountains, and the waters of Vancouver Island are Orca Whale central. It's captivating to experience the orca whal ...
Nookta Sound Sunset West Coast Vancouver Island

The many nooks and crannies, islands, bays, and stunning sunsets of Nootka Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island make it a popular destination of exploration for nature lovers.
As well as being an area of cultural and spiritual significance to the Mowachaht people, Nootka Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island is also a mecca for nature lovers. By day, the waters ...
San Josef Bay Camping Cape Scott Provincial Park

Wilderness camping is available at San Josef Bay in the Cape Scott Provincial Park on the West Coast of the northern island.
If you're looking for a real character building experience, a hike through the Cape Scott Provincial Park is a must. Wilderness camping is all that the park offers with the only luxury facilities ...
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