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Pacific White Sided Dolphins
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An agile and energetic species of dolphin is the Pacific White Sided Dolphins, also known as Lagenorhynchus obliquidens. (There are 4 pictures in photo gallery Pacific White Sided Dolphins)

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Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Sunset Dolphins Johnstone Strait BC

A group of pacific white sided dolphins play in Johnstone Strait at sunset just off the coast of Vancouver Island.
They are extremely playful animals but sometimes pacific white sided dolphins can pester larger whales with their playful antics. As a humpback whale was feeding at sunset, a large group of dolphi ...
Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour

One of the attractions for tourists to Northern Vancouver Island is the plentiful wildlife and many tours are offered including for dolphin and whale watching.
During a visit British Columbia, be sure to include a trip to Vancouver Island where you can embark on a dolphin and whale watching tour from either Victoria, Campbell River, Telegraph Cove, or Po ...
Pacific White Sided Dolphin

A playful pacific white sided dolphin cruises through the flat waters next to the boat off Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
Often nicknamed Lags because of the cumbersome scientific name, Pacific White Sided Dolphins are the most common dolphin seen along the coastline of British Columbia, Canada. Pacific White Side ...
Pacific White Sided Dolphins

A small group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins perform arcobatics as the sun sets over Johnstone Strait.
Pacific White Sided Dolphins at sunset in Johhnstone Strait, Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada.
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