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Vancouver Island Industry

Commerical Fishing Vancouver Island

The use of seiners for commercial salmon fishing off Vancouver Island is less a common practice than gillnetting.
One method of commercial salmon fishing is the use of Seiners, a large net laid out vertically from the back of the boat with buoys at the top and weights at the bottom. Essentially, the fish are ...
Whale Watching Tour From Telegraph Cove

Orca whale watching tour off Vancouver Island from the tiny community of Telegraph Cove in British Columbia.
One of the mainstay industries in Northern Vancouver Island, besides logging, is the tourism industry and in particular whale watching and nature tours. A tour can be taken from Telegraph Cove, Po ...
BC Logging Industry Vancouver Island

A common sight on the BC coastal waterways are the products of the mainstay industry on Vancouver Island - logging.
From the air, these logs look more like toothpicks, however they are the remains of large mature trees, felled for the extensive logging industry in BC, a prominent industry on Vancouver Island. ...
Logging Industry Vancouver Island British Columbia

Rafts and trucks are a common sight on the roads and waterways of Vancouver Island in British Columbia as the logging industry continues to leave its mark on the landscape.
In quick time, areas of forest on Vancouver Island are cleared - then from remote locations the logs are dropped into the sea to be rafted up and transported to a processing plant. Logging has ...
Halibut Fishing From Winter Harbour

A remote and historic fishing village, Winter Harbour is situated on the at the end of one arm of Quatsino Sound.
It's accessed by a rugged logging road via the town of Holburg, but the community of Winter Harbour remains a remote destination and natural paradise. The mainstay industry of Winter Harbour is ...
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